artwork / The Relic of Landscape

Grown in Northeast Ohio
w: 34"; h: 22"
gouache on paper
Available at Bonfoey
The Relic of Landscape
Series Statement: This series is a conceptual exploration of the American landscape. These paintings examine socio-ecological ideas through a filter of aesthetic landscape theory by incorporating the aesthetic rules of the “picturesque” with the contemporary landscape of the Ohio Rust Belt. Using the composition strictures of the "picturesque", culled from the theories of William Gilpin and Claude Lorrain, the ideas of ruin and growth are a source of dialogue with the landscape. Ironically, the "picturesque" was a theory largely formed as an aesthetic justification to legitimize the painting of landscape as an art form and this struggle is incorporated in this body of work. I am interested in exploring what is ruin, what is a dead art form, what is an aesthetic dead end. This conversation is with the "picturesque" as a historical departure point, translating these concepts into a visual language to fit the historical paradigm and examine our experience in art and our environment today.