artwork / Memory of the L.A. Billboard

w: 26"; h: 16.5"
gouache on paper
Available through Koplin Del Rio
Memory of the L.A. Billboard
Series Statement: This body of work was created for the "Memory of the L.A. Billboard;Telepolis in the Archetype" group exhibtion at Koplin Del Rio Gallery, Los Angeles,CA. John Berger said that publicity has to sell the past to its future. These paintings represent the intrusion of the present. While government and commerce has always had a role in reining in, controlling and designing the sprawling body of Los Angeles, it is despite these controls and influences that LA reveals itself. Los Angeles is its own entity. It is an influx of immigrants, an explosion of cultures, it is Hollywood, street culture, it exists beyond any mode of attempted homogeneity. A billboard is a sign, archetypal in its promotion of product in bright, technological advert, a corporate graffiti, and representing a culture of cars and mythic ideals speaking to the motorists driving by. These paintings reveal a dialogue, a commentary, the blank slate, the graffiti, the indelible marks made by the inhabitants of Los Angeles that envelop, overwhelm and congregate beyond what Los Angeles is able to control.